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Nu också utgiven i England, USA; Ryssland och snart i Kina och Sydkorea. Beskrivs på på engelska Amazon:

A passionate, highly accessible clarion call to a world dangerously threatened by irrational superstitions of all kinds.

’Truly a book for our time’ Steven Pinker

’In Sweden’s public square, Christer Sturmark has done as much as anyone to uphold reason and humane critical thinking’ Richard Dawkins

’As lucid and illuminating as it is warm and inspiring’ Rebecca Goldstein

In country after country, conspiracy theories and religious dogmas that once seemed to have been overtaken by enlightened thought are helping to lift authoritarian leaders into power. The effects are being felt by women, ethnic minorities, teachers, scientists and students – and by the environment, the ultimate victim of climate change denial. We need clear thinking now more than ever.

Christer Sturmark is a crusading secular humanist as well as a Swedish publisher and entrepreneur, and The Flame of Reason is his manifesto for a better world. It provides a set of simple tools for clear thinking in the face of populist dogmas, anti-science attitudes and pseudo-philosophy, and suggestions for how we can move towards a new enlightenment.

From truth to Quantum Physics, moral philosophy to the Myers-Briggs test, Sturmark offers a passionate defence of rational thought, science, tolerance and pluralism; a warm and engaging guide for anyone who wants to better navigate the modern world.

Translated by and co-written with Douglas Hofstadter, celebrated cognitive scientist, physicist and author of Godel, Escher, Bach.

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